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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is acknowledged to be a naturally evolving arena. A vast number of enterprises are moving their marketing to digital domain and there are long term prospects in this field. The scope of Digital Marketing is vast and it requires street smarts. With the utilization of Social Media in the job, one has to be aware of what is going on in the world and be able to communicate with people effectively.

After the successful completion of Digital Marketing Course, you can build your career in diverse streams encompassing Brand Positioning, Competition Analysis, User Groups & Behavior, Content Strategy, Viral Marketing, SEO/SEM/SMO and much more.

The Digital marketing domain consists of a variety of segments. Before getting into the Digital Marketing Training, the students must identify their interests and strengths. So, they can make the right decision to specialize into a specific area of Digital Marketing.


SEO Services

Web Promotions

  1. Link Building and Backlinking
  2. Web Master tool analyzing for google, yahoo, msn.
  3. Audio and video submission and promotion.
  4. Sitemap submission.
  5. Classified Ad Posting and promoting.

Online Marketing

  1. Search Engine/ Directory/ Dmoz / Wikki submission.
  2. Forum/ Blog/ Article creation, posting and commenting
  3. Rss feed creation and validation.
  4. B2B Posting
  5.   Social Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

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