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DigiCert SSL Certificates

Enterprise SSL solutions, Industry-leading Validation times

DigiCert is by and far the leader of the SSL industry when it comes to validation practices. What takes other Certificate Authorities days takes DigiCert minutes thanks to its highly refined authentication procedures. You can get a Standard SSL certificate, an Organization Validated SSL certificate, in just minutes. MINUTES! Nobody does validation better, and that’s just the tip .

SSL runs over the TCP/ IP and below higher-level protocols- HTTP and IMAP. It implements TCP/IP on place of higher-level protocols. SSL allows client authentication and permits both the machines to set-up an encrypted connection.

The SSL certificates we issue is indeed a cost-efficient method of preserving servers in an environment which has multiple servers. You can easily avail the same and enjoy a more secure website guarantee. An SSL certificate will certainly make your website a better place to be.

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