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In this day and age, Email Marketing remains one of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet! However, as the usage of this method is expanding, it is becoming increasingly difficult to launch a successful email campaign. Today there are many regulations that form various boundaries on this form of marketing. In addition, there is lot of competition that may minimize your exposure.

Many businesses are finding it more difficult to keep up with the trends and want to turn a professional Email Marketing Company for results. If you are among these people, you have come to the right place. Login4ITES Network offers everything you need to optimize your email marketing campaigns. We focus on your business and find out prospective buyers or associates for your product & services. We can customize our services to suit your goals and budget. Login4ITES Network is dedicated to excellence in E-mail marketing & other services.

Here are some key feature of best email marketing solutions like:

·         Quality Assurance

·         Email Deliverability

·         Inbox Delivery Strategy

·         Spam Filteration

·         Auto Triggered Emails

·         E-mail Address Validation

·         Copywriting

·         Mass Mailing

Here with Login4ITES Network, you would an efficient team having proficiency while selecting the theme, source and content of Email that could remark with lowest bounce/spam rate. Here we provided with complete email marketing services with detail report like how many emails are to be sent and How many opened and bounced  to our client. All these reports to the client make them assured about true and valuable service in respect of email marketing campaign. Login4ITES Network as email marketing company offers reliable and worthy services regarding bulk email services in India and Abroad for their varied projects and it's clients.

Login4ITES Network Email marketing technology for making mail campaign SPAM FREE :

1.    We use the slicing technology to decrease the size of the mail which helps our server to deliver the mail in the inbox.

2.    When the mail is opened on the PC it picks the images at the same moment from our server, the content and the images are displayed in mail body and not as an attachment.

3.    For sending the mails we don't have to write all the email addresses together in cc or bcc in fact our software picks every email address automatically from the attached file and send the mails individually.

4.    The name of your company will display in the sender name that will create awareness of your product in the market.

5.    Our server resends the mail when the receiving server at the customers end blocks the mail.

6.    We provide the Software reports which mentions the time and date of the delivery of your mail.

7.    The detailed campaigning report can also be provided you, which will help you in knowing the exact time and the IP address where the mail is opened and read.

            Email Pricing

Click On Image For Check Our Best Pricing, For Bulk Emails and Bulk Email Server .

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