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Bulk Email Pricing

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Bulk Emails are the best way to promote your product worldwide in affordable price. Here you can send mails in bulk to your clients as a newsletter or new updates regarding your product or services.

Login4ITES Network is offering best price of bulk mail service with some best features you can find below:-

Features Silver Gold Diamond Platinum Custom
Emails 100000 500000 3000000 5000000
SMTP Facility
Easy User Interface
Guaranteed Inbox Delivery
100% Web Based Interface
99.9% Mail Server Uptime
Email Scheduling Facility
Company Support
Email Templates
Spam Check Inbuilt
Auto Responder Facility
Contact List Management
Read Report Facility
Multiple IP Rotation Facility
Bounce Handling Facility
Price ` 2500 ` 10,000 ` 30,000 ` 40,000 `
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* Note: Login4ITES Network offers speed upto 5-10000 / hr for our all plans. Maximum speed can be achieved for an email of maximum 10-20kb in size. Speed also depends on external factors like bounce rate. If the bounce rate is more than 10 % then the speed might be affected.

Bulk Email Server - Send Unlimited Emails Per Month

You can also go for our unlimited bulk email server plans as per your need,
In unlimited bulk email server plan we will provide you daily or hourly limit, where you only have to pay limited money(charges) monthly with unlimited usage of bulk mails worldwide.
Please click the link below to get our bulk email server pricing or bulk email server details.

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